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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ayaanic Player?

It is cloud based digital signage platform that helps you to manage and publish content on your screens.

How it could be used for my business?

This solution can be used by any company that wants to communicate with its customers in a modern approach. Ad screens in retail, digital menu boards in restaurants, corporate TV within enterprise networks, information monitors in bank branches, hospitals and so on can all benefit from it.

What types of hardware I'm able to use with this solution?

You can use any Android based devices (Android TVs, tablets or TV boxes) with our free Ayaanic Digital Signage Player app. If you do not have Android device, you can use any Android HDMI stick, suitable for your screen.

How to install Ayaanic Player App?

You can install Ayaanic Digital Signage Player App from the Google Play Store directy on your screen/device.

How to play content on my screen?

Sign up for a free account and add your screen to account by entering the setup code appearing (after installation of Ayaanic Player App) on your screen. Then, upload image or video content, create playlist and add the playlist to your screen. The playlist will be started playing on your screen in few seconds.